VP-LC All Purpose Connector


To accomadate high density switch ports, a new mini-LC connector has recently been developed. The new connector is a modified version of the standard LC Duplex connector, and spaces the ferrules closer together while reducing the overall connector width.


The higher density mini connector introduces the issue of incompatible LC connectors (mini vs. standard). To resolve the incompatibility issue, Centric Solutions introduces the VP-LC All Purpose connector. This connector will mate with the new mini-LC ports, and standard LC ports.



Features of the VP-LC All Purpose connector:

  • Variable ferrule pitch -- 6.25mm or 5.25mm spacing
  • Reversible polarity
  • Smaller cable outside diameter (2.4mm for high density applications)
  • Increased airflow, reduced cooling costs
  • Simplified cable management
  • Eliminates the need to inventory mini-LC, standard LC, and/or hybrid LC cables
  • Quick release latch (improved LC latch push-pull design)


In addition to the connector, an easy to use VP-LC All Purpose tool has been developed.



This versatile tool allows unlatching the connector in high-density applications.


The tool also aids in reversing the polarity of the connector.


1) release the boot


2) swing the fiber connectors 180 degrees


3) re-position the boot (polarity indicator appears)

This solution will minimize errors, reduce costs, and eliminate purchasing, stocking, and inventorying hybrid cables. The VP-LC connector is available on trunks, jumpers, and Ribbon Array harnesses.