Centricity is a hardware/software solution that automates the management and relationships of assets by utilizing Barcode and RFID technologies, allowing increased productivity & efficiency.

Off the shelf RFID asset management and supply chain applications may not adapt well to the Data Center, may not scale appropriately, may possess steep learning curves, and demand proprietary hardware.

Centricity is not a generic asset management system.

It is a standards compliant (GS1/EPC, ITIL), flexible, non-proprietary system designed for use within the Data Center environment!

Centricity is comprised of:

  • Software - which manages asset data information, automating the Data Center management process.
  • Hardware - comprised of standardardized EPC components that create and retrieve asset data: Gen2 tags, hand held terminals, stationary readers & antennas, & programming devices.


Standard Gen2 RFID tags are programmed at a "burning station", comprised of a low power antenna and a workstation running the Centricity software and connected to the databse server via a standard ethernet network.

centricity-rfid-automation-system-burning-01"Burning" and applying a tag to an asset (1U patch panel)


The Centricity software operates via a SQL database, and may be utilized standalone, or interface to in-place inventory/management systems.

Centricity provides a list of attributes associated with an asset, along with a graphical depiction:


All Centric Solutions' products are manufactured with Barcode labels and RFID tags. For legacy, OEM, and third party assets, Centricity adheres to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) format, which provides a standardized numbering scheme for data center hardware.

Centricity's data acquisition hardware is comprised of standardized GS1/EPC components.

These components gather the Barcode and RFID data.


Portals - Commercial, off-the-shelf RFID stationary antennas are placed at entrance/exit points to secure areas

  • Assets are automatically read and recorded when passing through the Portal
  • The direction of travel is detected and recorded
  • Overhead and side (threshold) antennas
  • In-Gate and Out-Gate programmable system
Grid Systems - Commercial, off-the-shelf stationary RFID antennas are positioned in a grid pattern on the ceiling every 10 to 15 feet in secure areas

  • Real-Time tracking and constant inventorying of assets (including individuals via badges, wrist bands, etc.)
Hand Held Terminals - Commercial, off-the-shelf RFID hand held readers

  • Reads all EPC tags
  • Reads Barcodes
  • Takes pictures
  • 802.X wireless
  • CE based operating system


Centricity can:

  • Find an object - select an object, SKU type, or class of object, and the hand held terminal will “beep” when it is within RFID range of the target
  • Determine a cable path - scan one end of a cable, and Centricity will tell you where the other end is
  • Track Assets - establish parent/child relationships between devices and locations
  • Determine the last known location of an object - keep track of where an object was last seen
  • Assign “ownership” to an object or asset - allow ownership attachment to any object
  • Send alarms via SMS or eMail - flexible notification preferences
  • Parse third party vendor’s EPC codes - the Centricity parsing engine takes “soft” descriptions of other schemes, allowing the use of any encoding scheme
  • Attach external documentation to an object or asset - check lists, power & cooling requirements, size, cable length, etc.
  • Free Form Attachments – SLA, leasing, maintenance, warranty, picture, specification, etc.