About Us


Centric Solutions is the culmination of decades of experience in providing the best performance in the data center infrastructure environment. The products developed during this period have become industry standards.

The company's key belief is attention to detail and quality in every product and service provided. All products are manufactured domestically to ensure the benefits of controlling quality from cradle to grave, and to provide the ability to deliver on time, every time.

The industry is plagued with offshore-built components developed with only one goal: manufacture at the lowest recurring cost possible with little regard to the total cost of ownership. Centric Solutions refuses to incorporate these practices into it's products.

All Centric Solutions products are subjected to 100% product testing. Many providers undertake statistical testing, where only a small percentage of components are randomly chosen. While this process may realize a small cost savings on the component, it may jeopardize a client's cut over time requirement and cause exposure to a high risk situation. Poor quality components may cause processors, switches, and control units to downshift, resulting in excessive and unreliable synchronization.

Centric Solutions is centrally located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in order to facilitate time critical deliveries. When other manufacturers can't meet your delivery requirements, we will, and will do so without compromising quality. Do you need a critical component for the install this weekend? Call us. We deliver.

Centric Solutions has implemented a comprehensive CRM/ERP system to properly track and service orders, ensure factory automation with attention to detail, and document products and procedures. This system also drives the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and bar coding systems. Every product manufactured is labeled and tagged. The information from a tag will lead back to every detail of the product through our CRM data base. Scan a cable we deliver today, or ten years from now, and we will be able to tell you everything about it to include: glass type, length, connector type, test data, jacketing, date of manufacture, who put it together, etc.

We look forward to serving you, from "conception to completion".

Please click here to read a statement concerning William DiBella's departure from Centric Solutions.