AAMM Assessment


Centric Solutions offers AAMM (Automation, Auto-Discovery, Monitoring, and Modeling) assessment services and solutions to assist data center personnel in obtaining optimal performance within the data center. These include the critical management areas of power, cooling, greening, and asset management. In conjunction with a site survey or installation of the physical layer cabling infrastructure, Centric Solutions personnel will perform an AAMM evaluation to provide a complete up-to-date assessment of the entire physical layer infrastructure. A single vendor can now provide cabling, power, cooling, greening, and asset management recommendations and solutions.

AAMM is the pathway to a premium position of efficiency, cost containment, infrastructure optimization, and improved risk management, ensuring higher overall enterprise performance. The corner-stone of any successful organization is information. Auto-generated, easily transferrable knowledge that is timely and comprehensive would be a welcome aid to the gathering of the information. Today's data center managers have a distinct advantage in affordable, readily available products. These include software and hardware solutions to analyze, monitor, and generate short and long term data, leading to an extremely accurate and timely pro-active enterprise management position.

The use of modeling software can create a graphical representation of a virtual pre-modeled environment (based on the layout of the infrastructure, hardware, and cabinets), identify any hot spots, pinpoint energy usage, and assist in capacity planning.

The benefits of utilizing modeling software include increased energy efficiencies, financial savings, the new found ability to analyze and evaluate hardware heat production, and the generation of cooling requirements (previously only discovered after the hardware was purchased and installed). AAMM provides the ability to design out problems in advance of implementation.

Utilizing the advanced monitoring methodology of AAMM in the areas of

  • RFID capabilities
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Power surges
  • Equipment power usage

. . . will provide the comprehensive infrastructure data needed to facilitate an energy assessment audit. The use of RFID technology, with it's inherent auto-discovery capability, produces a comprhesive asset management solution.