SecureLC connectors are designed to prevent unauthorized and inadvertent changes in highly sensitive applications (such as Datacenters and Secure IT networks) where multiple physical layer classifications may exist.

The compact single-body LC design mates with any industry compliant adaptor or interface, but cannot be disconnected without the use of a special keyed extraction tool. Eight different key configurations are available as standard options, and SecureLC connectors terminate with standard tooling.

Even in high density patch panels, the keyed extraction tool allows for easy manual connector removal. The connectors mate with both duplex and quad adapters, and are color coded to match the connector key type. As with all Centric Solution products, the SecureLC product line is RFID enabled.


  • Military IT networks
  • Secure Federal IT networks
  • Commercial Data Centers
  • Private networks
  • Industrial process control
  • Fiber sensor applications


  • When inserted, the tamper proof SecureLC becomes locked to
  • the port, and requires a keyed extraction tool for removal
  • Return loss = 55db typical for UPC
  • Mates with standard LC duplex & quad adaptors and interfaces
  • Compact single-body duplex format
  • Dust cap "retention" feature
  • Suitable for 3mm mini duplex cables
  • RFID asset management enabled
  • Available purple "Master Key" secures/unsecures all color combinations
  • 8 colors available