EN Series Cabinet

EN (Enterprise) Series Cabinet - a multi-purpose "cradle-to-grave" cabinet solution with unique benefits:

  • Expandable to 22 bays
  • High density 45U - 7' cabinets
  • Standard 19" or 23" mounting
  • Dynamic adjustable depth from 42" to 48", easily accepts new hardware with longer depth requirements
  • Integrated vertical cable management in each bay
  • Above the floor front-to-back cabinet cabling pathways
  • Accepts cabling from raised floor and/or overhead
  • Accepts patch panels in the front and rear of cabinet
  • Mount hardware and patch panels in the same cabinet
  • Premium accessibility position for moves, adds, and changes, as internal bays are open relay style racks
  • IP addressable vertical and horizontal power strips
  • Standard housing color is black
  • Doors available in mesh, vented, solid, or Plexiglas construction
  • Cabinet access is available in keyed, combination lock
  • RFID asset management enabled


  • Wire managers, shelves, filler panels, and lighting options available
  • Three phase power option
  • Monitoring options available for temperature, power, dew point, etc.
  • Various cooling options available
  • 6', 7', or 8' cabinets
  • Customized colors upon request
  • Doors available in mesh, vented, solid, or Plexiglas construction
  • Doors may be opened individually or housed in a door management system


  • Fans available in top mount and rack mount configurations (120 cfm)

Lighting Options:

  • Magnetic mount 120V
  • LED light (USB powered)

Power Cords:

  • Available in 120V and 240V, 15A and 20A
  • From 4 to 16 outlets per strip
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting (with surge and fuse protection options)


  • Sliding drawers available in open and closed top configurations (19" and 23")
  • Black finish

Filler (blank plates):

  • Black finish (available in 19" and 23" mounting)
  • Available in 1U increments (up to 12U)


  • Mounting angle rails (heavy duty black finish)

Shelves & Trays:

  • Fixed & sliding styles available in solid and vented construction (19" and 23")
  • Black finish