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Site Surveys | Centric Solutions
Centric Solutions, LLC
1700 Capital Avenue, Suite 100
Plano, Texas 75074
Toll Free: (866)789-3687
Phone: (972)745-8010
Fax: (972)745-8056

Site Surveys


Centric Solutions' services are focused around efficient data center operations. Data center managers understand the delivery of best of breed, uniquely designed, value added products for the infrastructure is only part of what makes an organization top tier.

The integration of components, documentation, operational procedures, change management procedures, and problem escalation procedures must all come together in a compatible, cohesive package.

To that end, Centric Solutions' services are performed by professionals who understand both the requirements of critical environments, and the Centric Solutions' Code of Quality and Character. A site survey is the first step to a successful installation and cut over.

Information collected during a site survey includes:

  • Long and short term goals
  • The type and location of equipment to be installed & connected
  • Capacities
  • Distances
  • Time frames
  • Operational procedures
  • Floor plan drawings
  • Documentation requirements

Deliverables from a site survey include:

  • Topology recommendations
  • Capacities and options
  • Main network point of administration
  • Zone cabinet locations & capacities
  • Central cabinet locations and capacities
  • Conveyance capacities and routing
  • Trunk cable type
  • Lengths and break out requirements
  • Jumper cable counts and length requirements
  • Ribbon array configurations
  • Fiber optic glass grade recommendations
  • Determination of asset management options